Monday, July 20, 2015

Impact Team ALM Hack

A famous person once said "if you can't be good, don't get caught."  The not getting caught part is becoming increasingly difficult in the digital age.  A large part of our lives is tied to the internet no matter if we want it to be or not.  Take the OPM breach for instance.  You could of sworn off the internet since the year 2000, but if you were in the military or many parts of the government, then you've had much of your life story exposed.  Most of what anyone would need to be able to steal your identity is now in someones hands.

The Ashley Madison hack recently showed us something different.  Not just the masses are being exposed anymore.  Some are taking advantage of poor security for social reasons.  The hack of Ashley Madison and associated websites doesn't really call out for loads of money, but mostly just to take the sites offline.  This is quite different than the reasoning behind most hacks other then those of extremest groups looking for governments to take extreme measures.

The result of this will probably be a lot of exposure for people that were looking for anonymity.  The internet may make some illegal and immoral things easier, but it also makes it easier to get caught.


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