Saturday, August 12, 2017

Netatmo and La Crosse 925-1418 Sheild

I've had the Netatmo Weather for a few months now and have really enjoyed it.  I even added an indoor module to track the bedroom.  I did have some issues with the outdoor module though.  Specifically because it can't be exposed directly to rain, which makes placement somewhat difficult at our current home.  I had it set on the ledge of a northern facing window, but it would show unreasonably high humidity anytime it rained.  I tried raising it off the ledge, but the problem persisted. 

I had been looking at a few weather sensor shields online for a while, but none were confirmed to fit the Netatmo outdoor sensor.  While lurking around Amazon one night, I noticed that there was a used La Crosse 925-1418 for a few dollars off.  I gambled on it and lucked out. 

It fits great without any need for modification.  I mounted it to a fence post near the original location.  It gets a little direct sun in the late afternoon, but I don't get massive temperature spikes.  Most importantly it stays completely dry.  My humidity readings have returned to sane levels as well. 

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